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Antonio Yeo-Bramley on Channel 5’s Wright Stuff

Originally broadcast on Channel 5’s “Wright Stuff” June 5th, 2008. This episode, entitled “Alternatives Lifestyles: Just for Dropouts?” features an interview with former Frestonian Minister for Propaganda, Antonio Yeo-Bramley. Transcript TBC Operator Our last caller is Antonio on line 3. Matthew Wright Antonio good morning. Antonio Good morning. I’d just like to say how good […]

The Clash at Frestonia

In ‘Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate: A West London Psychogeography Report’ by Tom Vague, Vague notes: In the wake of Frestonia, the Clash posed in front of the Apocalypse Hotel for the cover of Zigzag magazine. The Clash and Moorhead rehearsed at Ear Studios in the People’s Hall on Olaf Street (now design […]

Daily Mirror, UK

Originally published in the Daily Mirror, November 4th, 1977.   Transcript ALL HAIL, FRESTONIA BRYAN RIMMER reports on the state of the world’s newest nation THE sign on the seedy cafe said: Champion Dining Rooms. But it was the one below that caught your eye. It read: Free, Independent Republic of Frestonia. And inside, Hilary […]

Kensington News and Post

Photo caption Frestonia is a very small nation, following the precedent of Luxembourg and Monaco, with the precept of the late Dr. Schumaker “Small is Beautiful”. It’s an area of approx. 8 acres, a distinctly isolated island of near dereliction, surrounded by the West 10 and 11 sectors of London, England. A full transcription of […]