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Alexei Sayle Remembers Frestonia

Excerpt from Thatcher Stole My Trousers by Alexei Sayle: The Elgin was a big run-down old place of bevelled glass and scarred and varnished wood with a large back room where bands used to play and it became our regular base. The crowd were very much Tony’s people – squatters, druggies and activists. Just across Ladbroke […]

Joe Rush on the Apocalypse Hotel and Frestonia

Excerpt from an interview originally published in The Idler (Issue 36) Money Madness: Your Money or Your Life?  by Tom Hodgkinson. Joe Rush …Then I came back to London and was living in a house called Apocalypse Hotel which was in Frestonia in Latimer Road. Then I started putting the Mutoid thing together. I had a […]

The Clash at Frestonia

In ‘Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate: A West London Psychogeography Report’ by Tom Vague, Vague notes: In the wake of Frestonia, the Clash posed in front of the Apocalypse Hotel for the cover of Zigzag magazine. The Clash and Moorhead rehearsed at Ear Studios in the People’s Hall on Olaf Street (now design […]

London’s Outrage

In ‘Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate: A West London Psychogeography Report’ by Tom Vague, Vague notes: Jon Savage produced an issue of his fanzine London’s Outrage consisting of a Frestonia photo montage with the Westway graffiti ‘Same thing day after day…’ His punk wasteland recollection of the area echoes the mid-19th century description […]

Splotches in Space

Splotches in Space was a joint exhibition of paintings by Giles Leaman and Martin Piper, presented in the Carbreakers Art Gallery in 1980. Both Giles Leaman and Martin Piper were sharing a flat in Portobello road and had both grown up in this part of the world. This was the first exhibition after they had […]

Carbreakers Gallery Poster

The Carbreakers Gallery, run by Brien Assiter, Minister for Arts & Culture, was located opposite a scrap merchant and breakers yard, run by Ginger. Professional lighting was donated by Sandy Nairne, later to be Director of the National Portrait Gallery, and the Carbreakers launched with a media bang. The location of the gallery hampered chances […]