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Joe Rush on the Apocalypse Hotel and Frestonia

Excerpt from an interview originally published in The Idler (Issue 36) Money Madness: Your Money or Your Life?  by Tom Hodgkinson.

Joe Rush

…Then I came back to London and was living in a house called Apocalypse Hotel which was in Frestonia in Latimer Road. Then I started putting the Mutoid thing together. I had a nervous breakdown, and quite a lot of things happened. By 1984 I had recovered, and I had discovered that I could make sculpture and I had this style thing going on.


How did you come up with the name?

Joe Rush

I wanted it to be about mutants, people who were suffering from mutation or who were in a state of constant mutation. So “muted” came from schizoid or paranoid or mongoloid, and was a description of a person who lives in a state of constant change. In 1985 we built the first truck, in the gardens of this independent state of Frestonia, which was a load of tumbledown houses with the gardens knocked into one. We were the thorn in the side of this hippie utopia with our house. The Clash were photographed outside it; it was quite a wild building.

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