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Antonio Yeo-Bramley on Channel 5’s Wright Stuff

Originally broadcast on Channel 5’s “Wright Stuff” June 5th, 2008. This episode, entitled “Alternatives Lifestyles: Just for Dropouts?” features an interview with former Frestonian Minister for Propaganda, Antonio Yeo-Bramley. Transcript TBC Operator Our last caller is Antonio on line 3. Matthew Wright Antonio good morning. Antonio Good morning. I’d just like to say how good […]

David Rappaport-Bramley interviewed on Nationwide, 1977

Martin Young interviews David Rappaport-Bramley, the Foreign Affairs Minister of the newly declared independent state in London. Broadcast on November 1st, 1977. Transcript Martin Young Good evening. Tonight we report the emergence of a new nation state and ask the questions the world will need to answer. Can Hammersmith ever be the same again? There […]

ITN TV Coverage (Transcript)

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Broadcast on November 2nd, 1977 Transcript David Well, no I wouldn’t be very disappointed if it didn’t happen and I’d be quite surprised if it did happen. But I mean we’ve gone into it in great detail we’ve sent copies of declarations of independence to the United Nations, to the EEC, to the Queen, to […]