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Tribal Messenger, No. 20, 22/09/1977

Originally published on 22/09/1977.   Transcript This whole area is up for grabs.Tenders from industries wanting to develop here have to be in to the GLC by today. WE’VE OFFERED TO LEASE THE WHOLE SOUTHERN AREA! Read on: Yesterday, Ken of 90 Freston Road [+Josefine saw him too – short-haired young inspector], saw a bloke walking […]

Excerpt from The Cinderella Philatelist

Originally published in The Cinderalla Philatelist, July 1979 and later republished at   Transcript July 1979 THE CINDERELLA PHILATELIST GREAT BRITAIN: FRESTONIA 1977-1978 By Gordon S. Woods On 30 October 1977 a group of people in the W.11 postal district of London, for reasons of their own, unanimously elected to declare themselves the Free Independent […]

From the Ministry of State for Tourism

Transcript   107 Freston Road Frestonia,(via London W.11., England). First Class Frestonia Stamps, in blue and white, with the nation’s crest, are available in sheets of 98 stamps only, at £1.00 U.K. Sterling. This includes one Frestonian first class stamp on the envelope in which these sheets are sent out. The equivalent number of first class […]

An open letter to the Danish Prime Minister

Originally published at Transcript 107 Freston Road Frestonia, (via London W.11., England). January 20th 1978 Anker Jorgensen, Esq., Prime Minister, Flotshomsgade 12, D.K. 1216 Copenhagen K, Denmark Dear Sir, I represent the Free Independent Republic of Frestonia, which created a furore on November 1st of last year by its declaration of independence from Britain, and which has […]

Loyal greetings to the people of Hay

The Free Independent Republic of Frestonia TO THE PEOPLE OF HAY FROM THE FREE AND INDEPENDENT CITIZENS OF FRESTONIA WHO CURRENTLY RULE THE CORRUGATED WAVES IN WEST LONDON LOYAL GREETINGS! Full transcription continues below. The three streets now known as Frestonia since early last year were an open sewer in Dickens’s day: the Jarrow Hunger […]

Carbreakers Gallery Poster

The Carbreakers Gallery, run by Brien Assiter, Minister for Arts & Culture, was located opposite a scrap merchant and breakers yard, run by Ginger. Professional lighting was donated by Sandy Nairne, later to be Director of the National Portrait Gallery, and the Carbreakers launched with a media bang. The location of the gallery hampered chances […]

Frestonian Postage Stamps

Frestonian stamps were safely delivered worldwide, with replies received from New Zealand, Australia and the States. The fact that the stamps had a vaguely Danish look probably helped. Frestonia applied to join the International Postal Union, pointing out that Frestonia was happy to deliver mail from all over the world within its boundaries and expected […]

Frestonian Visa Stamp

To have your passport stamped with the Frestonian visa stamp was the ernest wish of every tourist to Frestonia. So the coachloads of Danish school kids, for instance, would get a quick 5-minute tour round the country, taking in the communal gardens with the mountain landscape painted on the corrugated iron, and the river and […]

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