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Carbreakers Gallery Poster

The Carbreakers Gallery, run by Brien Assiter, Minister for Arts & Culture, was located opposite a scrap merchant and breakers yard, run by Ginger.

Professional lighting was donated by Sandy Nairne, later to be Director of the National Portrait Gallery, and the Carbreakers launched with a media bang.

The location of the gallery hampered chances of securing its rightful place on the art map. The area was considered by some as dodgy, there were tinkers nearby, and very little by way of parking.

The Carbreakers Gallery soon became a favourite haunt of the “brew crew”, the street folk with nowhere else to go.

Exhibitors include musical sculptor Giles Leaman (Splotches in Space), award-winning artist Julie Umerle, illustrator Tony Wright, comic book artist Brett Ewins, and graphic novelist Brendan McCarthy.

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  • Giles Leaman on January 20, 2016

    I was hearted to see your site. When I had a show in 1980 with Martin Piper called splotches in space,the poster had a typo and it ended up as sponges in space,we did a performance as well as exhibiting paintings and we smashed up a TV Martin was the square and I was the circle and the last shape to come from the mess was a square with round edges.
    Amongst others watching was John Latham the artist.
    I have pictures of the event if you are interested for the site.
    many thanks
    Giles Leaman ,Artist and musician

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