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An open letter to the Danish Prime Minister

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Open letter to the Danish Prime Minister


107 Freston Road
(via London W.11., England).
January 20th 1978

Anker Jorgensen, Esq.,
Prime Minister,
Flotshomsgade 12,
D.K. 1216 Copenhagen K,

Dear Sir,

I represent the Free Independent Republic of Frestonia, which created a furore on November 1st of last year by its declaration of independence from Britain, and which has been called in the Danish press  “London’s Christiania”. I enclose a copy of our application to the United Nations for membership which will give you an impression of our country.

I write on behalf of our cabinet to express our concern at the recent Danish Supreme Court decision against Christiania. We realise that by the letter of the Danish law you are now entitled to expel the inhabitants of Christiania, but we would urge you to consider not just the letter of the law but also the spirit of the times.

As the late Dr Schumaker realised, the future must and is moving inexorably towards the realisation that Western societies’ lonely crowds must be allowed to form themselves into smaller more self-reliant and more warm and human communities, and to take back as much control as possible of their own lives.

Christiania and Frestonia are signs of the future – within a hundred years Denmark and Britain will be split up into hundreds of such small states.

We have until the present time admired the forbearance and tolerance of the Danish government, which has for the last half-dozen years been in the vanguard of human progress in allowing this ‘social experiment’ of Christiania to continue.

Your past tolerance in this matter has done more for the image of Denmark abroad than any millions of kroner spent by your Tourist Board.

Christiania has attracted more tourists to Denmark than almost any other single aspect of your country, and now the eyes of the world are on you as you prepare to take action about its future.

We would urge you to allow this important social experiment to continue. If you are unhappy about conditions at Christiania, could you not influence its future in more subtle ways than by sending the army?

For instance, we note that the local council bought a tractor to help Christianiaites with rubbish removal, and that partly as a consequence Christiania is now much cleaner than it was four years ago. More such support would no doubt help.

Another instance: we note that responsible inhabitants within Christiania do their best to stamp on hard drug-dealing – radical help by you to achieve this goal might assist.

Another instance: we note that the Friends of Christiania have promoted several small industries in Christiania, and that more such initiatives would also help involve more Christianiaites in supporting themselves.

To sum up: Don’t destroy Christiania, we implore you. Help improve it.

We are hoping for the courtesy of a reply to this letter and to our suggestions, and for an explanation, if possible, of your future options and intentions regarding Christiania.

Yours Faithfully,

David Rappaport Bramley

(Minister of State for Foreign Affairs)

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